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Welcome to the support website for "Junkbots, Bugbots, and Bots on Wheels," a book on building robots with BEAM technology. Written by Dave Hrynkiw and Mark Tilden (ISBN: 0072226013, published by McGraw Hill / Osbourne), this book leads you into the fulfilling world of robotics by walking you through seven projects of increasing complexity.

Junkbots contains the following chapters:

No Description Preface by Mark Tilden
No Description Ch. 1 Welcome to the World of Simple Robotics!
No Description Ch. 2 BEAM Safety: Read This Before Building a Robot
No Description Ch. 3 Identifying Electronic Bits
No Description Ch. 4 Electronics Assembly Techniques
No Description Ch. 5 Tools and Mechanical Assembly Techniques
No Description Ch. 6 Dumpster Diving 101: How to Scavenge Robot Parts
No Description Ch. 7 Project 1: The Symet: An Introduction to Solar-Powered Robotics
No Description Ch. 8 Project 2: The Solaroller: BEAM-Style Drag Racing
No Description Ch. 9 Project 3: The Herbie Photovore
No Description Ch. 10 Project 4: The Bicore Headbot
No Description Ch. 11 Project 4: The BEAM Magbot Pendulum
No Description Ch. 12 Project 5: The BEAM Mini-Sumo Wrestling Edgebot
No Description Ch. 13 Project 7: The Basic 2-Motor Walker
No Description Ch. 14 Project 8: An Advanced BEAM Project: Building Intelligent Motor Drivers (The ABc Bicore by Mark Tilden)
No Description App. A Resources for More BEAM Information
No Description App. B Materials and Techniques of BEAM Robotics
No Description App. C Technical Schematics

The purpose of this website is to support the book in handy, bite-sized cheesy nuggets...

Well, it's to give us (the authors) a way to keep you updated with any changes to the material in the book. This could be technical corrections (GASP!), additional clarifications to some of the projects, and updated links.

Visitors to the Junkbots book website: Hit Counter (Woohoo! Thanks for visiting. Makes me feel better about pouring my heart & soul into the book!)

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