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It's nice to be able to use the website other than just a repository of fixes to apply to the book. We've been getting positive feedback as well. Here's some of the messages we've been getting (verbatim):

I just wanted to write and congratulate you on Junkbots. It is BY FAR the best book I've ever read on robots. Really an impressive effort.

-Gareth Branwyn (writer for StreetTech and WIRED magazine)

Full review here.


I just got your boot from yesterday.

Although I wish I had this book when I started building BEAM bots, I still have a LOT to lear and this book will be a great source for me.

It's a grat book. The photos are very clear and the information is easy to read and understand.

Good job!


-Ray Diaz


I just got the book for my birthday. I made the mistake of opening it and started to read and finished the book the same day. This book rocks! I work with computers and I have a great deal of old boards and components around. I've already started to dismantle them. Thanks.

-Anonymous feedback via webforms

First I would like to state that your book is what I have been waiting for. I have a stock pile of old junk (literally about 10 large boxes) that I have been refusing to throw away for the past 5 years. I collected all of this stuff with the intent of using it for parts but have not found the resources to assist me with this endeavor. From what I saw in your book at my local bookstore, it would seem that you have provided a remedy for this dilemma of mine. I wanted to see if I could get one of the signed editions because it would look great sitting next to the bots that I build from these piles of scrap.

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Finally a book that meets my needs

I have been waiting for a book on robotics that is written for the beginner and walks through the creation of multiple bots. I'm one of those guys that just can't seem to discard his old junk so I have a mountain of old electronic devices sitting in boxes. Well it turns out that my pack rat nature has paid off. This book has given me the opportunity to use that old junk and start a hobby that I'm sure to
enjoy for years to come. 

The book starts with a few chapters on safety, electronics and scavenging parts then takes you straight into building bots. There are seven robots to build in the book and each uses a little more skill than the last. I found that understanding the circuit designs was very simple with the detailed descriptions and robust illustrations. In addition to the wealth of knowledge this book provides, it delivers the information with good humor that helps make this book a gentle read. 

I would recommend this book to all those looking to better understand robotics and the electrical circuits that drive them. Thank you Dave and Mark for giving me the experience needed to get off on the right foot in this new and exciting world of robotics. 

-Andrew Garrison


I want to express my appreiciation of the book you just published. It was very exciting and informative. I would and have reccomended this book to several friends. I think that a book about advanced walker technologies would be interesting and maby a book focused on learning robots. Well I gotta go. Thanks for the help every one you will see pictures soon!! hopefully... thankyou

-Email address removed

I bought the _Robot_Builders_Bonanza_ last weekend; the book has some great imformation, but the writing style is so dry. I keep it on the nightstand to help me go to sleep.

I have several applications for robots, but nothing to do with my work, just a new hobby. I'll be getting your book for my brother Ron for Christmas - he is a robotics professional here with Harley-Davidson, and worked on the robots at the Peavey Electronics manufacturing facility in Mississippi for about 10 years, but I don't think he has ever had "fun" with robots like he will with your book!

As a book suggestion, I would love to see a compilation of BEAM robot projects, with photos of the robots, the designers' photos and email addresses, schematics, parts lists and project notes. Something that I can read and enjoy, and if I wanted I could build it myself, or correspond with the person listed. Now that I think about it, this type of book would take a lot of research time, making it best suited for an undergrad/grad engineer student. I would love to do something like this, but I can't quite afford to be self-employed yet. On the other hand, I will need to select a PhD dissertation topic in a few years...


-Woody Fairley


Thanks for the book! I knew when I saw a chapter on "Dumpster Diving 101" that this book was for me. I've been dying to dabble in robotics for a year now, but was staggered by accounts of spending $200 to $500 (and more) on a project.

-Tim Klein



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